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The Warblade is a domineering presence. A broad hilt with a smooth-ribbed handle and a windowed emitter complement a lengthy build. Its sheer size is tailored to a brute fighting style, combining length and weight to charge powerful two-handed strikes that stagger even the most nimble opponents.

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”Forgotten Grrrom... Wicked Grrrom... keeper of darkness...”

Grom, or Grom the Wicked, was a gifted Loucanan child trained by the order. Grom’s enormous size and unkempt fur made him seem a savage beast, but this assumption could not be further from the truth. Despite an impressive career, Grom was dismissed from the order for undisclosed reasons. In a tragic twist of fate, Grom was trapped below the Temple during the First Temple Raid before he could leave. Grom was forgotten and the dark lair below the Temple was sealed, leaving him to be twisted by forces of evil. Some believe Grom still lumbers in darkness, mindlessly following his last, heartbreaking imperative.

Protect those above from the darkness below.