How to Use Your Saber

How to Use Your Saber

Unpacking Your Saber

     A set of instructions, a wrench, a set of small screws, a USB cable, a hilt, and a blade are included by default with every saber we sell. Make sure to locate and unpack these items before getting rid of the box!

Preparing Your Saber

     Before turning on your lightsaber for the very first time, make sure to charge it using a good quality wall charger for at least two hours. For fast charging, we recommend a 2A charger. When the red light in the charging port goes out, your saber's battery is full and it is ready for use!

     To install or remove your duel-ready blade, look for a small hole in your hilt near the opening for the blade; this hole is used to screw the blade in. Using the wrench, tighten/loosen the screw to install/remove the blade. To test if your blade is well secure inside your hilt, try to wiggle it or twist it gently; if it moves, it should be tightened. DO NOT use too much force when screwing in the blade; if you continue to tighten it after it has been secured, you might damage the blade. 


Using Your Saber

1. Turning your saber ON: Press the button on your saber to ignite it. Yesssss. Feel the power!

2. Turning your saber OFF: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds.

3. Saber effects (when saber is ON)

     a) Blaster Sound: Tap the button

     b) Lock-Up-Loop (White flashes/sound): Hold the button for 1 second, then quickly tap it. Tap again to end the Lock-Up-Loop.

     c) Flash-On-Clash: The saber will automatically flash white and emit a sound when it hits something.

4. Selecting a Colour: Hold the button for two seconds, then tap and hold it again. The blade will slowly cycle through all available colours. Release the button when the blade is the colour you want. It's that easy!

5. Changing Sound Fonts: Your saber has three different sets of sound effects, as well as a mute function. When the saber is off, press and hold the button until you hear a confirmation sound. Once you hear this sound, this means the sound font has changed. The next time you turn on your saber, the new sound font will be applied.


Understanding Your Saber

     All our sabers are duel-ready; they are, in all cases, durable enough for combat. That being said, the degree of the durability of our saber hilts and their blades varies because of the different materials used to create them. To see your saber's dueling tolerance, head over to your saber's product page and click the link to read its full list of specifications. 


Saber Troubleshooting

My saber won't turn on!
     Try charging your saber until the red light in your charging port goes out. If this doesn't help, please contact us at We are easy to reach and will be happy to provide expert advice and rectify the situation to your satisfaction!

My saber turns on, but makes no sound!
     If your saber turns on but makes no sound, turn it off; once it is off, hold the button for two seconds and release.

There are wrinkles inside my blade!
Inside your blade is a thin light diffusion film that makes your saber shine brightly; it is absolutely normal for the blade to "wrinkle" when the blade flexes and bends. If there are cracks in the blade, however, contact and/or consider purchasing a new blade.


Taking Care of Your Saber

     Protect you saber from water; sabers are not waterproof and exposure to water could result in irreversible damage. To maintain battery health, we recommend you charge your saber at least once a month. DO NOT attempt to disassemble the saber; unscrewing the hilt or, in some cases, even the emitter, might destroy the fragile wiring and technology hidden inside your hilt. We've made everything accessible from the outside of your hilt; there's no need to unscrew its pieces! If you suspect there is an issue with the technology, please consult us at, or a local hardware expert. Should the hilt be disassembled and tampered with, we can no longer be responsible for resulting damage or injury.

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