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The Oculus, which boasts a smooth hilt crafted with care and precision, is a testament to the principles of the light. With a design that is circular and devoid of sharp edges, it emanates a sense of harmony and unity. The silver sheen of the hilt reflects the purity of the path it represents, while a ringed emitter adds a touch of elegance. Thick grooves encircle the middle of the hilt, ensuring ergonomic efficiency in its wielder's hand. Though smaller in size, the Oculus is a Saber that delivers unparalleled control to those who embrace its light.

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"The future is unveiled in the tranquility of the present. In its light, we find the path to enlightenment."

The Oculus tells the tale of a force-sensitive apprentice, Taelin, who possessed the rare gift of oracular vision. Born of the planet Illyria - a planet marked by a profound connection to the cosmic force - Taelin could glimpse into the future with a vision unclouded by the shadow of uncertainty. This apprentice was not one to seek glory or recognition; instead of seeking personal gain, this apprentice followed the light of their oracle. 
One fateful night, a vision consumed him, revealing a dire threat that could devastate countless lives. In that moment, Taelin made a choice — he left his home and kin, vanishing into uncharted depths of the cosmos, guided only by cryptic visions of the future. To this day, Taelin's fate remains shrouded in mystery. The Oculus, which he mysteriously left behind on Illyria, is his legacy Whether he embarked on a journey to change the course of destiny or sacrificed his own existence to avert impending catastrophe, his name is whispered in both sorrow and reverence. The galaxy may never know the extent of his selfless actions or the lives he may have saved.

In the stillness of every moment, he glimpsed the tapestry of the cosmos, threads woven with the light of the righteous.
His vision was not a gift, but a solemn duty to illuminate the way.