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The Rogue is a weapon engineered to channel rage and fury. Born from a wicked rage, the Rogue has a lengthy body featuring a wide-ribbed grip tucked between two ringed extensions. With weight bulked near the emitter, the Rogue invites its heir to use their entire body for unleashing devastating two-handed blows.

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“A lifetime of lies, deception, indoctrination... all for this one sliver of sincerity. In your eyes I see the only truth; fear, pain, betrayal! This has been our final lesson. Thank you, Master.''

The Rogue's story begins with a young student of the order, Kiya. After decades of refining her combat abilities, Kiya became aware of a latent, often involuntary skill; she could influence her opponents' emotions. Several strange incidents involving other students caused her Master to grow weary of her. Kiya's fear of being turned away festered until it infected her Master, who unwittingly revealed that he had sought help from the Grandmaster. Twisted with rage upon learning that her own Master had feared her in silence, she murdered him in cold blood and deserted the order.


Come to me on Klyssyus.
There is dormant power in you yet.