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The Shadowblade is an ancient relic, designed by the leader of a warrior race - the first of his kind to be introduced to the Order. A uniquely slender design, paired with a thin black blade, are perfect for nimble one-handed combat. This saber's design, along with its reputation and cultural history, demand strong leadership as well as user agility and precision.

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“I challenge you! Warrior against warrior. Only the strongest will earn his place as ruler!”

Though the origins and early history of the Shadowblade remain shrouded in mystery, its reputation as a symbol of power and leadership make it one of the most revered weapons in the galaxy. Once wielded by the leader of a powerful warrior clan, this saber grants its user the power of influence over an entire army of mercenaries. Unfortunately, this incredible power once fell into the hands of a particular evil; a fearsome menace, half man, half machine...

To wield the Shadowblade is to wield the power of a nation of warriors.