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The Glaive is a heavy-duelling hybrid saber. A stylish black handle complete with ornate silver highlights and a toothed emitter are a testament to the long lost art of Rhydel forging. With an even weight distribution and a choke point below the emitter, the Glaive is a perfect hybrid for mix-ups in various fighting styles, both single and two-handed.

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''Before the tropic moon of Rhydel was razed by forces of evil, its seething pools of liquid Adrinium were the birthplace of the Glaive. The secrets of its forgery have long since been lost in the chaos of war.''

The Glaive was first created by a warrior whose life and legacy have been forgotten. Those who are worthy of wielding the Glaive must first accept to rescind all attachment; not unlike its forgotten creator, who exists now only as an everlasting signature etched into the weapon: Vicarus.

Only through complete submission to the light and its will can one achieve complete enlightenment.





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This lightsaber is meant to spin

Iy feels like a martail artist dream its so sleak theres no sharp ends to it so its very comfortable to spin extremaly lights and beautiful