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The Prodigy is the archetype of simplicity and elegance. Its windowed emitter and long, ribbed body inspired the earliest forms of saber combat. Slender yet sturdy, this weapon's rudimentary nature trusts its wielder with full control of the technique and variety of both single and two-handed fighting styles.

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''Daughter, listen to me carefully. Follow the Hespian Star. Run when it is light. Run until your feet are warm with blood. When night falls, extend your arm before you; if your hand is lost in darkness, you must hide deep in the wood and you must rest. Take my weapon. Find the others, warn them of this place, and return to our people. Go!''

The Prodigy, whose real name is not on record, was a young human girl, daughter to the Grandmaster of the Ancient Order. As part of her early training, the Grandmaster and his daughter, along with a handful of scouts, were dispatched to the planet Klyssyus in search of gifted children among its natives. After making contact with the Klyssians, the scouts sent strange reports describing ''force vampires'' and other nightmarish creatures that wiped out entire settlements. The only other existing record of the incidents on Klyssyus is from centuries later; a young girl, mute with terror, is found drifting in space in the debris of an ancient ship. Her location matches the coordinates for Klyssyus in the Ancient Archives, but the planet itself is nowhere to be seen.

Don't turn back. Find them again.
And may Samata guide your way.

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