Herald of Harmony

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The Herald of Harmony is a paragon of elegance, dexterity, and utility. A slender design, tanned Yazong leather grip, and near weightlessness allow one-handed combat with an infinite range of movement at unrivaled speeds. User agility is paramount.

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“I wonder; are you aware that your mere existence has left a permanent gash? A Wound, a ravine the depths of which I have only begun to discover...”

The Herald of Harmony is an artifact - a fragment from a reality that shouldn’t exist. An otherworldly energy emanates from this saber, a power no doubt imbued in the process of its forgery. The order holds no record of it, nor of its architect. The name of this saber is itself an anomaly; though it speaks of a warrior who brings balance, only death and destruction can be found in its wake.

I must ascertain the truth of your prophecy.      
Justify my faith                                                      
Show me that you are The Wound                        
And you will know me as your rightful Master… Count Sapience.

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