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The Praetor, born in the crucible of darkness, boasts a sinister design. Best used one-handed, its hilt is wrought from obsidian-black metal, adorned with haunting silver accents and intricate silver rings. An ominous aura exudes from the Praetor, its neck shrouded in a menacing metal armor ring with ornate slits. The emitter, jagged with wicked prongs, is purpose-made to strike terror into anything that might oppose the Praetor and their duty.

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"They say it holds the essence of merciless power, forged in the fires of a dark master's ambition. A relic of cruelty, a sigil of dominance, it was whispered to be cursed."

The Praetors two, both nameless non-force users, were entrusted with the grim responsibility of guarding a powerful humanoid known only as Maldras. In the heart of Maldras' feared citadel on Mor'Ghalas, the Praetors were the faceless emblem of Maldras's undying loyalty; their existence cloaked in never-ending night, their souls forsaken in infinite shadow. The Praetors undoubtedly bore witness to horrors beyond moral understanding, whispered secrets, and terrible sacrifices all in the name of darkness. Consequently, the Praetors' sabers were designed to mirror the cruelty that birthed them. And these Sabers became an instrument of terror.

Ravik... my once-loyal apprentice. Your return from exile is an affront to the order of things. The Citadel and the power therein are mine by right of conquest. 
I pray your skills have improved since our last crossing. The Praetors, once your sparring partners, will no longer temper their strikes with restraint.

In your hands, Praetors, lies his destiny. Show him the Abyss he faces.





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Brandon Gallarneau
Close to the real thing

This saber feels great to wield and a lot of fun to practice with. Would love to give 5 stars but the fact that I can’t cut literally anything in half im going to have to give it 4 stars.