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The Guardian prioritizes simplicity and subtlety. Crafted from scrap metal scavenged in the Balotta Shipyard, its smooth, one-handed ergonomic handle allows the hand to slide downward as the saber swings, providing leverage and momentum for strikes and flourishes. With its sleek silver finish, absent of any knurls, screws, or other telltale features, the Guardian is designed for disguise.

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“When the temple was destroyed in the purge, one peculiar apprentice fled to the lower levels. Soon there were whispers of a cloaked vigilante who defended the principles of the fallen order and the republic. This warrior became known as the Guardian.” 

The Guardian came to symbolize the tenets of a forgotten order. In the midst of a cruel occupation, the Guardian swore to continue to defend the weak and destitute with no thought of recognition nor reward. This valiant effort was critical in rekindling hope and inspiring rebellion against tyranny and oppression.

A Guardian must have the fervor to protect the light
Even if the light is dim
Even if they must stand alone.

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