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The Eidolon is a heavy-built titan Saber. A refined black-body hilt between a thick screw pommel and exposed Krystal core are an ode to timeless Verenthian engineering. An vented emitter crowns the Krystal cooling chamber, making this Saber a respectable emulation of the most advanced forging techniques - despite its being welded together by collected parts. A perfect fusion of elementary manufacturing and subtle artistry, the Eidolon is both an excellent two-handed weapon and a masterpiece of craftmanship.

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"The Eidolon; a symphony of vengeance, forged from the echoes of Verenthia's torment, its every piece a testament to a master engineer's artistry."
- Excerpt from the Memorial Epitaph, Verenthian Museum of Culture and History

Forged with forgotten Dromacite-welding techniques passed down through generations, the Eidolon is an heirloom of Verenthian engineering. Rylar, an unremarkable slave-worker on Verenthia, was forced to the role of lead developer of Noctari fighter ships. Though his expert craftsmanship could not be denied, Rylar was seemingly ordinary; unknown to him, however, were the natural talents bestowed to him by his late force-sensitive mother. This latent power lay dormant in him until an incident where a coworker, Kaela, was ousted as a spy and later publicly executed by the Noctari. For the many rotations of torment that followed, Rylar gethered the components he needed to create a weapon to channel his fury. Complete with a smuggled Krystal given to him by his mother, he turned his wrath loose on the Noctari with the Saber he had crafted in secret, freeing the people of Verenthia in what is today known as the Noctari Massacre.

"In the shadows of Verenthia's suffering, Rylar's Eidolon blazed with the fire of defiance. From tormented soul to liberator, he harnessed ruinous power to illuminate our path to freedom - for a people cast into complete darkness, it mattered not that his light shone crimson red."





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Good Display/Play saber

I was looking for a saber to display in my gaming room. and this one does not disappoint. looks amazing and swinging it around feels good. very sturdy and does not feel like its made from cheap plastic.