What is Project: Sabers?

What is Project: Sabers?



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What is Project: Sabers?

      Welcome to Project: Sabers.
For months now, our social media has been buzzing with curious followers who have been kept wondering what we are all about. No longer.

     Our mission with the Project is to optimize both the affordability and quality of duel-ready sabers, as well as bring together a community of saber enthusiasts, cosplayers, content creators, and dedicated fans of a beloved galaxy far, far away.

     Our fandom has entered dark times. Ever since Hollywood's return to our cherished galaxy, the fandom has faced growing division. Most fans see the community as a bickering mass mired in controversy. Only a handful of ultra-fans have made their way into close-knit, premium communities like the 501st Legion. Passionate fans and content creators need an easily accessible, inclusive space where their shared love for sabers, cosplay, fan-films, film theory, and more can be nurtured. Groups like the 501st give back to the community and are a testament to the power of the fandom - but what about the millions of other fans? The future of our galaxy is uncertain.

       Amid the darkness, there are still those fans who believe in the unifying power of community. Project: Sabers exists for anyone who wants to create and view content within the community. The Project offers a wide array of resources as well as a platform to not only kick-start fan projects, but also to draw inspiration and rope up with others who share your interests!

Keep reading to learn more about our current and future plans for Project: Sabers.


Every Saber Has a Story

      As the Project: Sabers community begins to take shape, our selection of sabers, costumes, props, and accessories continues to expand. Here at Project, every saber is attached to the rich lore of the galaxy and the continuing conflict between good and evil.

Will you submit to the light and rescind all attachment to be worthy of inheriting the Glaive, a weapon forged from seething pools of liquid Adrinium found only on the tropic moon of Rhydel?

Or will you instead wield the Sorceror, the weapon of Bo Quinn of Klyssyus, and join the search for a dark, cryptic force of limitless power?

Every saber has a story.
Choosing a saber to wield means choosing a path to follow.

Click here to view saber lore and choose your path. 


     Community is the heart of our fandom; it unites us in this shared galaxy of endless wonder, waiting to be explored. 

     Project: Sabers recognizes that incredible things happen
when content creators are given the tools they need to succeed.

     For this reason, we are proud to announce the launch of our first community initiative:
The Project is now offering Sponsorship Agreements to content creators who need help in fulfilling their creative visions! Any and all content creators are applicable to fill out a Sponsorship Request Form to be considered by our team. 

To learn more on our sponsorship program, click here


Our Journey Has Only Just Begun

     Thank you for being a part of our journey. We hope you find what you are looking for with us.
Make sure to enter your e-mail in our newsletter to stay up to date on exclusive offers, new releases, and upcoming community initiatives. Follow us on Instagram @projectsabers, and please contact us for any help and/or feedback!

Welcome to a larger world. Welcome to Project: Sabers.


  • Caden

    Wish I could join but I dont have nearly enough money to buy any of these sabers. Otherwise I would buy one of the warrior sabers.

  • Andrew

    Most likely buying a saber or two soon. Super excited to see what’s coming!

  • Adrien

    :D :D :D :D :D

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