Vanguard, Assassin, Titan, and Hybrid Classes Guide

Vanguard, Assassin, Titan, and Hybrid Classes Guide

     Our sabers are divided into four basic classes: Vanguard, Assassin, Titan, and Hybrid. This classification is part of the Saber Stats system. To learn more about Saber Stats, make sure to read Saber Stats: Nature, Class, and Wield(s) Explained.



     Vanguard class sabers are tried-and-true designs, reliable for both one-handed and two-handed fighting styles. Cast from ancient molds, these hilts are based on generations of doctrinal saber tradition. They often feature hilts with convenient grip, and offer ample room for the hands. Duelists who stay true to the traditional art of saber combat will find ease when using these sabers with established form.


     An Assassin class saber is the epitome of speed and agility. Made from lighter metals, these weightless hilts are smaller in size and feature one-handed grips, making them ideal for dual-wielding at unrivaled speeds. Smooth curves, ribs, and even leather are frequently used to ensure excellent handling during rapid strikes. Properly wielding an Assassin class saber requires an impeccable flow of movement, achievable only with rigorous practice.


     Titan hilts are the behemoths of saber combat. Engineered to enable its user to take control in battle, these heavy sabers feature broad hilts and extensive grip for lethal two-handed combat. A well-landed parry with a Titan saber will break an opponent's guard, stumbling them and leaving them vulnerable. These sabers are typically of Dark nature due to the domineering fighting style they encourage.


     A hybrid saber carries its own unique properties. Hybrid hilts are often very stylish, featuring several colours and trinkets. They have high-profile personalities and often blend characteristics from different classes, allowing for unpredictable mix-ups in combat. Learning to wield a Hybrid is an exhilarating experience, ideal for unconventional duelists looking to establish their own unique combat style.

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