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The Sorceror is an ornamental, ritual weapon. A full black finish, small switch neck, and extravagant windowed emitter favor beauty over utility. A decorative sleeve covers a ridged grip that encourages a prideful, decisive one-handed stance.

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''Why have you come here? We lend ourselves to Samata. Your feeble minds want nothing more than to limit Samata to your own selfish desires. You do not welcome those who think differently. In time, you will find that Klyssyus rejects those who reject.''

The Sorceror, whose name was formerly Bo Quinn, was once a devoted student of the order. Whereas many of his peers preferred to cause mischief, he spent his nights reading and studying. Over time, he grew frustrated with the limits of the order's teachings and began to show interest in texts from the Forbidden Archives. One fateful night, a student accused Bo of conjuring dark visions to torment a Zoian boy who had recently been accused of cheating. The Zoian claimed Bo had sent creatures to ''feed'' from him, and was driven insane. Bo Quinn's status and whereabouts are today unknown.

Where you study the light
And find wisdom, 
I study Samata
And find truth.

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Ive owned a ton of lightsabers but not like this its sp reactive to swings and the sound faunts are amazing, its a beautiful lightsaber